Is it time to consider a bathroom redesign? With three generations and over 100 years’ combined experience, we’re able to guide you through the design process.

Here we’ve listed the key points you need to consider when renovating your bathroom or en-suite.


How good bathroom design can help you

Bathrooms can be easily overlooked when renovating your home, but a well-designed bathroom can elevate the look of the entire home and inject it with personality. Sometimes it’s not just the look and feel of the bathroom, but also the functionality. For example, you may want to increase limited storage space.

Designing your bathroom with these pointers in mind can help you to get a beautiful and functional bathroom with smart storage solutions.  Moreover, we find environmental impact is a high priority for many clients. Modern redesigning and renovation can also make your bathroom more energy-efficient, protecting the environment and helping save money in the long run.


Why invest in your bathroom?

Bathroom design is not necessarily cheap, but it can be an extremely good long-term investment. By getting your bathroom redesigned, it can end up bringing up the value of your house. This may be beneficial if you are planning on selling your house in the near future. So, by investing in your bathroom, you can increase the value your entire home and make it more presentable for viewings.


Practical things to Consider

Richmond Bathrooms can help you through each step of the design and renovation process. We have many years of experience that helps us to succeed in our redesign projects. There are a few essential things to consider when redesigning a bathroom:

  1. Layout

First, make sure your measurements are right. Using a scale plan can help determine the practicalities of space and, therefore what shower, bath or basin can be included in  your bathroom. You may also need to consider doors, windows, and other features.

  1. Storage

Having the right amount of storage can keep your bathroom clean and decluttered. There are many storage options available from wall cabinets to adding a recessed shelf. We’re happy to discuss some innovative options with you.

  1. Shower

One of the biggest decisions in designing your bathroom is your inclusion of a shower, bath or both.  Will you want them separate, or are you going to have a combined shower and bath? If you choose a separate shower, then you will need to consider what type of base you want for the shower, what type of shower head and what kind of shower screen to install. Many clients explore energy-efficient power showers.

  1. Vanity Unit

Another key factor will be the vanity unit that you choose. When selecting your vanity unit please consider both functionality and look.  Some vanity units have built in cupboards, offering critical storage space; others have two sinks.


Check out our bathroom gallery and testimonials to see some of the bathrooms that we have designed.

No matter the size or your budget, we’d love to help you design your perfect bathroom. For more information or a free quote, please contact us.